Just Add Surf

November 3, 2013



While finishing her PhD in Marine Science Easkey began to explore the transformative power of surfing and how it can create positive social in places– like the province of Baluchistan, Iran, where in 2010 Easkey became the first woman to surf there. Her surfing career has been one of many firsts: aged just 16, Easkey Britton became the first Irish person to surf the ‘hell-wave’ Teahupoo in Tahiti, and has since become a Billabong XXL Global big-wave finalist and Ireland’s 5-time surfing National Champion. Now she is sharing her passion for surfing and the ocean by bringing her pioneering approach to the more isolated regions of the world exploring how the creative expression of surfing can empower women everywhere.

“Surfing teaches us to fall… You learn by doing. You learn by falling, and it is because you fall over that you learn to save yourself from falling over”.

Watch the video above, be inspired to add surf to your life.

Post by Jennier King